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As the exclusive sole distributor for Belzona range of products for over 30 years, we strongly emphasise customer service where meeting their needs is first and foremost. Worldwide Corrosion Services offers solutions to various customers from major industries to small businesses, including shipyards, manufacturing plants, oil and gas petrochemical industries, etc. We focus on solving critical customer problems by lowering maintenance costs, reducing downtime, preventing losses whilst increasing efficiency and productivity.

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Oil & Gas

Belzona’s wide range of epoxy-based metal repair composites, high-temperature coatings and linings have been used in the Oil and Gas industry since the late 1970s.

Our materials are specifically designed to provide outstanding erosion and corrosion protection and chemical resistance for equipment operating offshore and onshore at various temperatures and pressures. Belzona offers cost-effective solutions, which reduce downtime and labour costs while eliminating the need for equipment replacement.