Belzona Products Supply

Industrial protective coating and composites made from advanced polymer system engineered for a multitude of repair, refurbishment, coating, and application purposes aimed to help clients reduce maintenance costs, prevent losses and minimize downtime.

Corrosion Consultation

To deliver the best customized and bespoke solutions for each client, our corrosion specialists will identify, review, control and test the best repair solution that addresses varying corrosion extents and modes.

Engineering / Technical Testing

The key drivers that empower our impeccable and effective corrosion solution implementation. Our experienced engineers and technicians provide crucial product testing, corrosion control and repair implementation that focus on cost-efficiency, productivity and practicality.

Live Demonstration

We provide live demonstration of our repair works as an assurance of our service quality and to help clients understand how our products work to minimise downtime, risks and boost productivity.

Manpower / Specialist Supply

Our team of experienced and specialised engineers, technical testers and more are equipped with the knowledge

Training and Certification

As an effort to advocate for honourable industry practices, professional ethics and encourages education and skills, we provide recognised training and certification classes empowered by our in-house specialists and experts.

Oil & Gas

Belzona’s wide range of epoxy-based metal repair composites, high-temperature coatings and linings have been used in the Oil and Gas industry since the late 1970s.

Our materials are specifically designed to provide outstanding erosion and corrosion protection and chemical resistance for equipment operating offshore and onshore at various temperatures and pressures. Belzona offers cost-effective solutions, which reduce downtime and labour costs while eliminating the need for equipment replacement.