Tanks & Chemical Containment Area

Solutions for storage tanks and secondary containment areas

Belzona offer a variety of metal repair composites and epoxy coatings specifically created for the maintenance of storage tanks, including solutions such as tank base sealing, erosion and corrosion protection, cold bonding and leak sealing. Belzona’s cold-curing materials eliminate hot work, therefore ensuring safe and easy maintenance. Our high strength epoxy concrete repair products quickly restore secondary containment areas and damaged concrete whilst providing excellent chemical and impact resistance, as well as compressive strength.

Repair and protection of tank internals

Storage tanks internally affected by erosion, corrosion and chemical attack can be rapidly repaired and protected using Belzona polymeric repair materials and coatings that will bond to many construction materials including GRP, FRP, steel and concrete.

Belzona materials will:

Allow immediate leak sealing and cold plate bonding in tanks using fast-curing materials such as Belzona 1221 (Super E-Metal) and Belzona 1212

Provide permanent restoration of concrete and steel surfaces

Repair existing linings including glass flakes, rubber linings or epoxy linings

Provide long-term erosion, corrosion and chemical resistance using high strength epoxy coatings such as Belzona 1391 (Ceramic HT) and Belzona 5811 (Immersion Grade)

Reduce downtime and offsite storage costs using spray-applied, fast-curing materials with exceptional durability

Offer a chemically resistant, static dissipative coating, in the form of Belzona 4351, to protect areas highly susceptible to electrostatic accumulation

External tank repair and protection

Belzona’s epoxy repair composites and coatings are specifically designed to provide external protection for storage tanks and process vessels which can be applied in situ even to hot equipment. Our materials offer exceptional bond strength allowing cold bonding of equipment to tank externals, eliminating the need for hot work. Belzona solutions for tank externals include:

Spray-applied, corrosion resistant epoxy coatings such as Belzona 5111 (Ceramic Cladding) provide easy-clean surfaces and long-term corrosion protection for tank external surfaces

High adhesion epoxy composites, such as surface-tolerant Belzona 1212, are used to restore tank integrity by plate bonding or to attach external equipment to the tank including wind breakers, fire deluge systems, brackets, supports and many more

Tank base sealing using ‘breathable’ solvent-free coatings such as Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane) which prevent water ingress under the tank whilst allowing trapped moisture to escape

In addition Belzona offer composite patches in the form of Belzona SuperWrap II. These repairs can be designed and applied in accordance with ISO 24817 or ASME PCC-2 to provide mathematically designed pressure retaining patch repairs

Secondary containment repair and protection

Damaged concrete floors and walls of secondary containment can be rapidly repaired with Belzona concrete repair composites, which reduce downtime and provide exceptional compressive strength, good impact resistance and excellent adhesion to concrete. Our chemical resistant coatings such as Belzona 4311 (Magma CR1) and Belzona 4341 (Magma CR4) will provide long-term chemical protection against a wide range of substances including acids and alkalis even at high temperatures. In addition, Belzona 4361 is ideally suited to protect chemical containment areas as it will stay intact in the event of concrete cracking underneath. Due to its superior flexibility and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, it is able to bridge cracks without any damage to the coating’s integrity. Belzona’s versatile chemical linings can be applied by brush or by spray equipment, further speeding up the application and reducing downtime.

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Oil & Gas

Belzona’s wide range of epoxy-based metal repair composites, high-temperature coatings and linings have been used in the Oil and Gas industry since the late 1970s.

Our materials are specifically designed to provide outstanding erosion and corrosion protection and chemical resistance for equipment operating offshore and onshore at various temperatures and pressures. Belzona offers cost-effective solutions, which reduce downtime and labour costs while eliminating the need for equipment replacement.